Wednesday, August 15, 2007

You Can Leave Your Boots On

You may wonder what we were doing with the sorels out on one of the hottest days of the year. Well, we were moving the dryer and I was afraid it would fall on my feet and cut off my toes. I'm very sensitive to cut off toes ever since Trent slammed his little toes in a screen door when we were kids. Ick. So, I picked my very favorite shoes to wear. (I'm not kidding about these being my favorite.) Dryer got moved, toes still intact.

After I wore them, Cooper just had to try them on, too. He's a nut.

PS -- Steve actually fixed our dryer. He's such a handy guy. I'm so grateful for this. He can do anything!

PSS -- Phew, got the chemistry mystery figured out. We're all good. For all you clean freaks, a little powdered dish washing soap can clean just about anything. I've used it on poop-stained baby clothes, and now the shower floor. Hooray for Cascade!

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