Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Tale of Two Birthdays

Well, it's just around the corner -- Super September. For our family, that's a lot of birthdays. All around there's something like 6 or 7. All this talk of presents, and invitations, and menus has got Cooper all hopped up. We're actually going to celebrate Steve's birthday really late. We decided it was best because Steve has some serious travel coming up. And then we'll celebrate Mason's birthday twice -- once with all the family and then with the mommas and babies we know.

For Steve's birthday we're going with a poker theme. We were going to shoot for a golf theme, as we do every year, but it just didn't work out this time. So, get your chips out and brush up on your Omaha rules... we'll see you for a tournament extrodinaire.

For Mason's we're going with a hide and seek theme. Not sure exactly how this will play out. But his present from us is a super-duper tunnel play set. We'll have that set up at the party for the babies to crawl through and have fun. (It's like the one toy we don't already have from Cooper.)

I'm working on the invitations today. I'm actually using a no. 1 shape in chipboard to create a three-dimensional invitation. I hope it works out. I also hope that all the moms/babies we invite will be able to make it. It's going to be really low-key, more like a playdate. This is what we did for Cooper's birthday and I liked it a lot. It's a better crowd for a shy little 1-year-old.

I haven't decided about the cake, yet. But I will probably do individual cakes, like I did for Cooper's 1st cake. (His 2nd cake was a tractor/construction site.) I have a new, fancy cupcake holder that I'm really wanting to use. It's so cheesy!

After that, I gotta get crackin' on my Christmas gifts for these guys. I'm handmaking a lot of stuff this year. Mostly because of the scare on toys made in China. Too bad we don't live in SLC. I'd have a long list of to-dos for Clair in the workshop!

Cheers everyone!

PS -- photo note: all the pictures were from a REALLY fun party Cooper went to over the weekend. As you can see he loved it. Construction! How about that cake?!?!?!?

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