Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Move Over Moe

Every child – well the really smart ones – have an imaginary friend. Cooper’s, though an actual stuffed animal, is Moe the Monkey. He received this gift on the day he was born from a friend here in Denver. He watches TV with Moe, sleeps next to Moe, and sometimes takes Moe to preschool…. Well, until about 2 days ago.

While I know Cooper hasn’t broken up with Moe (he required Moe’s attendance of an in-home showing of Ice Age the Meltdown just tonight) he did skirt around with the garbage truck his dad just bought him. This crazy thing has been by his side since we picked it out at Costco Monday.

I’m not kidding you. It’s been a very well-behaved two days as we can use, “we’ll have to put the truck away” for every disciplinary action possible. Cooper asks that the garbage truck sleep in his bed with him. And when he went to preschool yesterday, he took just the dumpster part of the truck. It’s a freaking garbage can! His teacher reported to me that he held on to that thing the entire day of school and even clutched it while he took his nap.

This afternoon I told Cooper that if he got out of bed (it was naptime) that I would put his truck away. Of course, he had taken the truck with him for naptime. When I went up stairs to wake him up he was sitting up in bed as awake as can be. He quietly said (after sleeping a good 2+ hours), “Can I get out of bed now?” He had remembered what I had said through his nap and didn’t dare the fate of the consequence and literally sat in his room, on his bed (playing with his truck) until I came upstairs to check on him. Wild!

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