Friday, August 31, 2007

All's Well

Not sure what Cooper had/has but he hasn't thrown up since yesterday at 4 p.m. Life is good. He did try having yogurt for breakfast, however, and so I'm just waiting to see if that comes up.

Last night I stayed in our "guest" bedroom, which is really Mason's bedroom. We have both the crib and the queen bed up there. It was nice to be so close to the kids. I only had to run into Cooper's room once. And it was a false alarm.

Now everyone is just relaxing. I'm not making Cooper do anything today. Just watching movies from his favorite spot... my bed. Allows me to get a few projects done. Namely, putting the carseat cover through the wash. Also need to figure out how to vacuum/shampoo the car interior. Blech.

PS -- photo note: even more pictures from our fun adventure at Copper Mountain. We're definitely going back. Anyone want to join us?

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