Monday, August 13, 2007

Bermuda Babe Apron

OK... This might be the year of the apron. I just finished this one, and OMG it's 1:08 a.m., and have no one to show it to... so up on the blog it goes.

I made it for my dear friend Sarah. Whose favorite hobby is throwing dinner parties. Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha! Actually her birthday was in June. I didn't forget it, I just didn't get the project done. So, I had her over to the house, let her look at a few pages that I had marked in the Amy Butler In Stitches book and she picked this. I already had all the fabrics. Was SO aflame to use the green bermuda babe fabric.
And another detail shot...

This pleated number is going to look great on Sarah because she has those skinny little hips that every full-figured gal -- like myself -- would die for. Well, not literally die. Anyway, not relevant because it's not for me, it's for her. And she will look fab in it.

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