Monday, August 6, 2007

Overcast: Past and Present

Today it is overcast. It's a nice break from the heat. It's almost as nice as it was on this day in the park in Idaho Falls. This is taken on the playground equipment in the center of the Lilac Circle. When I was younger my parents would take us to the Lilac Circle -- probably for family night. I don't remember the equipment. But I do remember running around the circle as fast I could, racing my mother!

I was flipping through some old files and found this journal entry re: Cooper at 10 months old.
Oct. 10, 2005

Laundry List of Net New:

Finally has stinky breath.
Fake sounding big boy laugh.
Top right tooth starting to poke through.
Boisterous activities like bouncing the mini beach ball is a favorite.
Seen and touched snow for the first time (10/10).
Love cheerios.
Loves all food, but especially sour apples, lemons and pickles.
Likes yogurt, cheese and cookies/crackers.
Speed crawling and walking.
Knows what a puppy is and responds to, “Where is puppy?” by crawling to and picking up stuffed dogs.
Has girlfriend, Jaya Fowler.
Drinking juice from a sippy cup.
Going all night without a bottle of formula (but still wakes).
Like looking at board books by himself and turning the pages by himself.

If I were to make a list of net new for Mason (also 10 months old) it would say:

Won't stop touching the TV and climbing the stairs to put his finger through the perfectly shaped hole in the wall.
Still not enough hair to cut, but blonde as can be.
Loves to dance to music, clap hands, and point to his loved ones (especially the picture of Maylin on our fridge).
Swings, swings, swings.
Knows how to defend his turf!
Loves cheerios, cold chicken, and saltine crackers.
Never turns down yogurt and cottage cheese.
Sleeps through the night -- most of the time -- and goes to bed by 8-ish.
Gnawing on his toothbrush, or anyone else's, is a favorite.
Uses motor/engine sounds to play cars and trucks and pushes around hotwheels with Cooper.
Before naps, wants a "lift-the-flap" storybook.
Favorite places to hang out (stand up): edge of the bathtub, TV, first step on staircase.
Seasoned road-tripper.

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