Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Hierarchy

Tonight as I helped Cooper prepare for bed he asked me to organize his animals. I say this in all seriousness. It also gives me delight. You see he had a plan, a hierarchy, for his 30 odd stuffed animals (including Buzz Lightyear and Superman).

First he made a fortress on his bed of pillows. We started this to keep him from rolling off the bed, and now he loves it. Then, he lays down two blankets. The bug quilt that I sewed for him and the fuzzy Thomas the Tank Engine blanket that his great grandma gave him for Christmas this past year.

Once the fortress walls are in place it’s time to sort the friends. I’m not kidding. First he selects the chosen one. This is the one (of a top four) that he will actually hold while he is sleeping. Most often it is Mo the Monkey or Freckles the giraffe. But every once in a while – if he’s feeling sporty – he’ll pick a crazy turtle or Buzz.

The he lines up his fab four. As referenced above, these are the fairly prized possessions. The turtle (from Nemo), Buzz Lightyear, Freckles the giraffe, and of course, Mo Monkey. Everyone else is placed – with great care – at the foot of the bed on a fuzzy blue blanket. These are to “protect” him and “keep me safe.”

After all this business is through, Cooper finds a spot for himself. It’s a wonder the boy can find an inch to nestle in. Love him!

Mason is quite the opposite in his bedtime loves. His current request is a fuzzy blanket to lie on. Then a little scrap of a blanket that he has taken a liking to is grasped in one hand and held close to his face (sometimes he actually bites it). Then I prop up a soft bear or tiger in the corner of the crib. Sometimes he wrestles with these until he falls asleep. But usually, like tonight, he pushes himself backward like into position and puts his head down. Then he pops it up as if to say, “Are you still here?!?!”

photo note: random summertime photos... I'm especially fond of the one where we gave Mason his first hamburger

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