Saturday, August 4, 2007

And the Winner Is...

Aunt Suz had the correct answer to our trip trivia question. Mason did fall on his face/head a total of 2 times. As a reward, this post will pay tribute to our fabulous aunt!
photo note: got my haircut today!
photo note: those freakishly large hands are mason's!
We love our Aunt Suz because when we visit her house we get to eat starburst and play Polly Pockets. We also love her because she thinks of fun things to do ... like adventures to Wheeler Farm ... and joins in on the fun, as well. She has a laugh that makes everyone in the room want in on the conversation.
She also knows what little boys like to do -- like collect bugs!
We're going to miss her when she goes back home ... across the pond.

PS -- If you're wondering how Mason fell on his face/head, tough! Let's just say that both incidents sent mother into hysterics... one crying and the other laughing. (Mason didn't think either crash landing was funny.)

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