Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Vandal in Sandals

Finally, Mason is starting to grow into Cooper's hand-me-down clothes! Seen here getting used to summer sandals (they are still a little big).

Also, I love, love, love this shirt. Many a time I've been approached in the public library (or any public place) and asked if I'm looking for "my vandal." This because Cooper is running through the stacks like a ... well, like a vandal, and people are wondering if I've lost him.
Now Mason can carry on the tradition. I think he makes quite a cute little vandal.
You'll never guess who sent this fabulous t-shirt to us?!?!?!? Anyway, thanks again to Uncle Trent. Having Mason wear it is like getting the gift all over again.
Ooooops... gotta learn to close my mouth.

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