Saturday, August 11, 2007

Did I Mention

I might have forgotten to tell you that we're at Copper Mountain this weekend. This has been a spectacular summer of travel. We've been married 7 years and only taken random trips. Usually 1 to parents' houses and then a couple of really great trips... Hawaii, UK, Mexico...
But this year, summer actually, we've gone all over the US. It's been really fun.
This weekend we're all together and we're up in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado. We're staying at Copper. Ironically there is a Minis In The Mountains convention here,as well. There are hundreds of mini coopers all over the place.
The very best thing up here is the weather. It's mild and fresh. The kids even needed jackets in the evening. Nice change from the hot down in the city.
So, no pics for a few days. But I'll post lots on Monday.

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