Sunday, August 12, 2007

I Need a Chemist!


Steve and I left a jar of One Minute Miracle salt scrub alone for about a year (plus). Then, got a wild hair and used it (not at the same time). And I'm telling you the dead sea salt, and myriad of various oils combined to create a gelatinous, rubbery, adhesive. It is all over the floor of the shower.


If I can't get this off the floor of the shower I'm going to tell my soon-to-be-visiting in-laws to stay in a hotel. It's nasty. If you stand on it too long you adhere, permanently I fear, to the floor of the shower. I've scrubbed, and rubbed, and done just about everything I can think of. If anyone can reverse engineer what has happened to this salt, sodium chloride, oil thing... please tell me what can remedy the situation.

And on a cleaner note, please enjoy this vintage shot of two of my favorite folks.

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