Monday, August 27, 2007

Where Have You Been?

Many of you have written to ask, “Why the Fry haven’t you written a post!?!?!?”
I guess ya’ll miss me a little bit. Before I get to big for my britches, let me explain.
It wasn’t that I didn’t want to write. It was that I couldn’t. Actually, I could have. I’m just feeling a bit lazy. Happy to admit it all started with Mason. He pushed the button on the router that turns everything off, including our wireless connection.
For some reason, performance hasn’t been the same since.
Some of you may not know, I write the posts from the basement. And the wireless connection is a bit shoddy down there anyway. Now it’s just not working.
Then, to make matters worse, my beautiful mac is having battery issues. So, taking my laptop upstairs would mean taking the power cord, too. What?!?!?! Who does that? Anyway, to say the least, I’ve finally got my big arse off the sofa – from which I watch Devine Design and eat bon-bons – and marched my 4 lb laptop and power cord all the way upstairs to Steve’s office to write tonight’s post. Damn! And all because of you, my adoring fans. I think this is where many of your will begin fake burping, coughing and sneezing as you say, “Bull S***!” under your breath.
Te he he he he.

What a great 3 days it’s been. I’ve done a whole lot of nothing. The boys, too. But today we went to the zoo. It’s been a while since we’ve done that. Oh what a walk. But we went out early today and it was only 85 degrees. So gorgeous. We saw just about everything we want to see, including the stinking penguins.

Which reminds me, did I ever share with you the traumatic Rhino story of our past zoo trip?

In the past 3 days I’ve managed to finish up birthday gifts for 2 of my brothers, but none of my husbands. I think we’ve got Mason’s 1-year party all squared away… including gift. So, now I just need to send out the invites. Anyone want to come? I know Cooper does.

Coop’s been to a few birthday parties this summer, the most recent just the weekend. He loves them! He’s figured out the joy of the piñata. Oh man! I love watching him pick through the candy and such that spills out on the ground. He’s also pretty good about socializing with other children. Big milestone for him. Actually… he’s gotten much better at this since I started staying home from work. Why? Who knows. Could be my active imagination.

PS – Anyone have a good solution for putting down my neighbor’s dogs? They have kept us up. I’m on the verge of calling animal control. Only thing keeping me from doing it is that I’m too lazy to look up the number.

PSS – So happy to have received a little package from Claud today. Will start reading as soon as I load the post. (Claudia, please watch for a package from us… lots and lots and lots of books.)

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