Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Do We Need Jackets?

Where has the summer gone? I actually said to the boys, as we stepped onto the patio this morning, "Do we need jackets?" It was that brisk!

Now, it's not too sad. We'll have warm temps far into October and even into November when we're lucky. But, it's still sad to see the sultry weather wrap up at the end of a great summer season.

We're accustomed to the kind of heat where running through the city fountains are not just possible, but an absolute requirement. The boys love to get wet -- but I suspect only because it's so freaking hot here.

Soon we'll be raking leaves and sipping hot cider, and it's just really hard to believe on a day like today.

So, enough of this online time wasting. We're going outside to savor every last sundrop.

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