Saturday, August 11, 2007

No Photo Fun

My favorite times -- when we're all completed connected in having a great time -- are not photographed. We just had one of those moments.
While hanging out near the edge of a little pond we decided to go on the bumper boats. The boats had squirt guns. Steve and Coop were in one boat and Mason and I in another. (Everyone had life jackets.) We had so much fun zooming around and squirting each other. Honestly, I didn't even mind that I looked like Tammy Faye.
Coop was into it. Mason did not crack a smile the entire time... But he didn't cry either. We were all so soaked. I think my hair got wetter in the boat than it did in the shower ( the water pressure leaves something to be desired).
Then we walked over for some miniature golf. It was so fun to watch Cooper try to put with a putter as tall as he is. Other people were even enjoying his cuteness.
We even saw a bride and groom coming down from the top of the mountain on the chair lift. Very romantic.
We'll have some photos of the golf... But none of the water fun. The water fun was the greatest thing we've done as a family in a long, long time.

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