Friday, August 17, 2007

Oh Allllll Right! Enough Already...

So, I'm getting all this pressure to post some more pictures of the yard. I'll have all of you know that I spent hours creating a before and after page to show you the before the work was done and an after the work was done view of the yard. But, again, had trouble with in loading it all.
But here it is... first some pictures from the north side of the house. This was enclosed in a fence and the patio/flagstone was installed.

Then a few views of the west side (which is a majority of our yard). You'll note that nothing is planted in the beds. There is a reason. I want to plant raspberry canes, and I've learned I must do those in March. So, check back in the spring for more plant life.
PS -- For those of you who think this looks really small. It's a 1/6 of an acre... a lot by this suburbs standards. Or at least, if felt like a lot when we paid our mortgage.

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