Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Year of the Checkbook Cover

OK, remember when I said that this year was the year of the apron? And then I decided (but didn't tell anyone) that it was the year of the market tote. Now, it's officially the year of the checkbook cover. I just made one and it is epically cute. I'm not even kidding a little bit.

In part due to the fabulous fabric I found in podunk Idaho Falls. Let's just say that it wasn't very popular with that crowd. So, it was marked down to $2.99/yard. Decorator fabric, people! Anyway, I used about 7"x15" for a checkbook cover today. Matched it with some old ribbon I bought during my scrapbooking mania days. Seriously, to. die. for.

Too bad I only write one check a month. But maybe I'll write them more often now that I get to show off my pretty checkbook cover -- if only to myself. I would show you a picture, but alas the digi pic camera is out of juice. Will have to catch you up later on.

Oh much love for checkbook cover.

PS -- photo note: vintage cooper playing in local water fountain. He played in a much smaller, much dirtier water feature today whilst standing in queue for our car at the Suds Factory.

PSS -- Is whilst a word?

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