Saturday, September 15, 2007

Teeth, Spiders, and Boo-boos

Little Mason has a few dishy tricks that make it easy to overlook his general crankiness. It’s amazing how cross a baby can be when he’s cutting new teeth. We can see a wee little tooth poking through the gum on the top left (his left).

His super cute trick is he is signing Itsy, Bitsy Spider. That is to say when we start singing Itsy, Bitsy Spider to him he will do the hand motions! He tries to do Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, as well. But he’s not as good at that one.

He’s also drinking whole milk from a sippy cup. The funny thing is, however, that he hasn’t figured out that he needs to tip his head back. So, he’ll suck and suck and suck air while he’s leaning forward. When we reach out to help him tip it back, he drops the cup and just waits for us to feed him. He’s also figured out that he gets in trouble for tossing his cup over the edge of his highchair. So, he drops it and then waits for us to look at him. Then he flashes a troublemaking sneer and laughs.

I don’t want to get in the same habit that I did with the bottle. He will not hold his own bottle. Of course, what self respecting toddler doesn’t hold his own cup!?!? So, gotta train him now.

Mason’s contrived grown-up chuckle has gotten more deliberate and more overdone. It’s so funny. He belts out this deep chortle and we all roar with laughter. This just makes him laugh all the more. Come on, could he be more fantastic?

Tonight Mason had a big boom. He smacked his face on the corner of the sectional sofa. When I picked him up – because he instantly started crying really hard – all I could see was a bloody mouth. So, I rushed to the kitchen to try to clean it up. Oh it was so bad. He cried terribly and wouldn’t let us get in his mouth to see the source of the blood. It ended up being that little piece of skin that holds your top lip to your gums. He split it right open. Took about 30 minutes for the bleeding to slow down. Poor little man.

Because he had such a bad time tonight, I laid down on the floor next to his crib while he was falling asleep. I didn’t want him to fuss while falling asleep. He was excited about this idea and immediately lay down and stuck his hand out the rails. I took his hand and he fell asleep while we were holding hands. Oh so sweet. I love babies.

PS -- photo note: some of these pics are of Mason chasing stink bugs on my grandmother's farm in Roberts, Idaho.

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