Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What We Missed The Most

Hello folks!

As many of you know we've been taking a lot of vacations lately. Vacations that took us away from the things we love the most. So, this past week we plunged our efforts directly into getting reacquainted.

First hurdle, a few days of rain. The boys good-naturedly waited out the storms – we even saved a mom and son from the downpour. It was sad to watch them sitting at the windows and looking out at their playland.

But we staved off the boredom with movies, playing toys, building train tracks, and crafts.

When sunshine first broke our first stop was the Zoo. After the rain, our little suburb emerged as the gorgeous city of autumnal wonder. Not kidding. I love this area at this time of year. And so do the animals at the zoo. It was virtually vacant of people and we felt like we had the entire zoo to ourselves. But the animals were out in full force.

We even got to glimpse the new giraffe that was born on Aug. 31. Also, heard the male lions roar while we were up close. Scary. That’s not something I’d want to witness without the thick glass between us. Whoa!

And today we ventured out to the Museum of Nature and Science. We were the only people in the Botswana, Africa exhibit. The boys got all crazy.

Please note the picture of Cooper trying to look into the Aardvark diorama. It is created in a dark cave. He could not see what was in the cave. But now that we see the pictures (the flash illuminated the creepiness) I’m pretty sure Cooper would not have ventured nose to nose.

It’s good to be back.

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