Wednesday, September 26, 2007

10 Random Facts About Me

Saved from coming up with something for today's post! I've been tagged. Here are 10 entirely random facts about me. I'm not going to tag anyone specifically... but if you're reading and you live in Utah or London... you're tagged. Will give you something to practice posting to your blog.

10. I try too hard to sound smarter than I am.
9. I can categorically say that I have no close friends from elementary school and junior high. I moved a lot and didn’t really invest in anyone until high school and college. I will forever regret it and it shapes nearly every decision I make as an adult, including but certainly not limited to the home I live in and the children I introduce my children to.
8. I feel immense worry when I can see someone in a crowd who is clearly embarrassed, uncomfortable, or feeling out of place. In any group setting .– be it classrooms, mass transit trains, the mall bathroom -- I always try to strike up conversation with those around me and to make sure everyone feels like they have at least one person to talk to. This excludes family functions. For some reason I figure my fam can fend for themselves.
7. I love pink. I didn’t until about 3 years ago. Until then you could pretty much categorize it as my nemesis.
6. Travel is my unrequited love. Sadly, I probably will always feel that I have never been enough places, nor seen enough things. When I travel – even when it’s somewhere as banal as Idaho Falls – I fall desperately in love with the surroundings and try to look and see as much as possible. Then I come home and talk about the trip WAY too much, much to the chagrin of my adoring husband and friends.
5. Hate homework, love to teach. Don’t know how I’ll get there, but I truly feel that I’ll someday find my way to formal teaching. Until then, my poor kids have to tolerate me and my arts and crafts moments.
4. On a daily basis I tell my husband, children, and anyone else who will listen (sometimes I just tell myself) that I love the flowers and vines hanging on my porch. They are my Summer 2007 greatest achievement.
3. It’s my life’s dream to single-handedly resurrect the French braid from the universal fashion faux-pas list. It was just so damn useful. Also rooted in my afternoons pretending that I was “Half-Pint” from Little House on the Prairie.
2. Every word in every journal I wrote in – until the age of 19 – was absolutely fabricated. Budding novelist or pathological liar? You decide.
1. I am eternally grateful for my sisters-in-law.

Well, that's it. Do you feel informed? I'll be checking your blogs to see if you divulge as much about yourselves.

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