Monday, September 3, 2007

We Got Fever

It's been quite sometime since my last post. But our little Mason has been terribly sick since Saturday morning. Poor little man has had a fever that we just can’t get down. We resorted to calling our pediatrician – on a holiday weekend – who recommended a few tricks and we were able to keep him just below 100 degrees. Then today the fever seemed to break and he was just whiny.

By this afternoon we finally found something to keep him happy. We just got a portable DVD player for our car. There’s a monitor for both seats. So, Mason has his own. On a quick trip to the Great Indoors this evening Mason finally cheered up – and it was all because of the movie!

Of course Cooper is over the moon about the DVD player. And I am ecstatic because I am facing a very long road trip with the boys. I think this might help (of course I’ll keep ya’ll posted on the progress).

In other family highlights, we picked a birthday gift for our dear daddy. New patio furniture for the patio. Woot woot.

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