Friday, September 7, 2007

Happy Birthday Recap

Cooper and Mason’s daddy just had a big ‘ol birthday. Let’s just say he’s approaching the turn to start out the back 9.

Planning and preparing for his birthday was so much fun. Cooper was finally old enough to understand that we were getting ready for a special day. Because he’s been to a few birthday parties lately he had a few opinions about what we should do in honor of the day.

First and foremost a fancy birthday card – Cpr crafted an amazing little octopus with streamer tentacles and paper polka dots. Then a delicious birthday cake. Mason actually went with me to pick that up – I didn’t bake it as the request was for an ice cream cake. While we were waiting for the cake to be boxed up Mason started screaming. Let’s just say the sight of all those tubs of delicious, creamy sugar got him a bit excited.

Also, as per request, we baked a lasagna. Cpr helped me with almost everything. As you can see from the pictures he thoroughly enjoyed helping blow out the candles and singing Happy Birthday to his superhero.

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