Friday, December 5, 2008

Playing Games

Poker. Wii. Risk. Guesstures. Sorry. Scene It. Hungry, Hungry HIppos.

Break 'em out, because vacations are for playing games. When my husband tells stories of his childhood they always revolve around one thing -- games. I know that playing games with your friends and family build amazing memories. On our recent vacation with a group of friends who had all been together and played games together many times, it was obvious that the fun they had while playing games had binded them together.

Let's say I were to shout, "Hurdles!" in a crowd. People would turn, look at me and assume I have Turret's Syndrome. When "Hurdles!" was shouted amongst this group, one of the more collected, brilliant -- and for all intents and purposes -- mild mannered men, jumped up and pantomimed an athlete running hurdles. We yelped in laughter. This, is why games are important.

Well, we played games. The kids played games. The grown ups played games. I even dealt a hand of poker -- a first for me.


laurel said...

I love games too!!! Such a good time.

Kim said...

I am so jealous! None of the adults in my "social circle" like to play board games!! It's not right!