Monday, December 22, 2008

Shoes Off

You know how when some people come to your house they walk in and immediately ask if they should take off their shoes? This is such a kind gesture and one I rarely think of when I go to other people's houses. The answer to this question is tricky for me. I always want people to feel comfortable in my home. If that means they want to leave shoes on, then they can leave shoes on. If they want to take shoes off, then they can take shoes off. I honestly DO NOT care. But, I always hesitate before I answer.

The problem lies in the fact that I think it's a liability to be in my home without your shoes on. Seriously. From the LEGOS that feel like shards of glass to the actual shards of glass, it's really taking on a lot of risk to run around my house sans shoes. There you have it, the general disclaimer for hanging out in my house. Take off your shoes and you might cut your feet on something. So, it is with little shame that I reveal to you yet another hazard of our humble household.


Glenda said...

This is funny. Just this week I have stepped on a pin that went seriously deep into my sole and numerous pine needles that felt like pines, as well as a shard of glass. So although I prefer people taking off their shoes in my house (the wood floors scratch easily) you have a point about injury!

grandma GiGI said...

It's a custom to take off shoes in St. George, but here, when people ask, I say "Oh no, we don't go shoeless here". My feet are so crazy that when I'm barefoot, I can't even walk on carpet comfortably..hence the big old clodhoppers with the orthotic in them. ugly!
Hey! the Christmas gifts arrived today. We haven't opened them yet.
We arn't exchanging gifts this year so it's nice to have something under the tree. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!.

laurel said...

LOve the fabric! Mason is just so sweet. He makes any picture better. As for the shoes, when people come and ask me, I always say you don't have to in my home, but do what makes you feel comfortable. I am a shoe wearer, so I feel best with shoes on.