Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I've learned a lesson about naming children. I picked two American name brands for my children's names -- historically surnames, and thus, fairly 'ol fashioned English professions. They are easy to yell. And easy to shorten without creating swear words. I text them as CPR and MSN -- also pretty easy to remember abbreviations.

But, what I didn't take into account is that Cooper would love finding his name on the side of tires and cars. And Mason wouldn't really like jars nor aluminum carports that much.

The search for equality, well we strive for equitable circumstances, is a daily struggle and source of colossal contention. And one of the most heated debates is over who should get to carry stamped mail to the mailbox.

I try to stay out of this fight and generally only stick my nose in if there is blood. Tears flowing the boys came to the conclusion that one brother can carry it to the mailbox and the other must trail along behind so as to be available for the handoff when brothers will handover/receive envelope and deposit it in the mailbox. Complicated if you ask me.

Do you know how they decide who will carry it? Rock, Paper, Scissors. Which, of course, is the universal solver of all problems.


Glenda said...

They are adorable no matter their names....Mason's Fashion statement: Sunglasses and Wellies, Love it!

Adamo said...

Nothing can be more fair than allowing the probability gods decide.

Juli B said...

awesome they solved it! Kudos to the boys.

Connie said...

Love Mason's boots! They are sure cute little boys!!

laurel said...

Way to go, problem solvers!

grandma GiGI said...

Such sweet friends! What would they do without each other?