Friday, May 21, 2010

Strange Places I've Visited

We visited the Aquarium with some friends. Fun day wandering and viewing some seriously exotic and big sea creatures. Then we ate in the restaurant -- no, none of us ate fish. As we walked out of the aquarium toward the car I asked the kids what they liked the best -- remember they had touching a pygmy devilray to choose from -- Mason said, "I liked the bubbles." The bubbles? Yeah, the bubble machine outside the aquarium that the kids enjoyed for 2 minutes while I was buying tickets. Oh glad I spent money on admission.
And folks, I include this picture merely to tell you one more smart aleck thing Mason said. When I was editing my pictures I asked Mason what he was doing in the one featured below. He said, "Ellie farted. She is tooterific." Oh my gosh! I guarantee she did not. But Mason has to put a comedic spin on everything.


Glenda said...

With comments like those he is for sure going to be a "ladies man." Actually, sounds like he is just a chip off the old block!

Angenette said...

Tooterific. HA!