Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Mom Went to Vegas

You know those tacky shirts that say, "My mom went to Lake Tahoe and all I got was this stupid shirt"? My children didn't even get one of those stupid shirts. I went to Vegas -- sans kids and husband -- and all I brought back was this stupid photo.

I didn't come home with a tan.

I didn't come home with scores of cash that I won playing slots/poker/baccarat/placing bets on the derby.

I didn't come home skinnier.

I didn't come home with ticket stubs from a show.

But I did come home. And that is saying something. It's not very often that I get to escape my day-in-day-out responsibilities of loading the dishwasher, folding those damned fitted sheets, and walking the kids to school. (And lest you think I do more than that, you're mistaken.)

I did reacquaint myself with my dancing bone. (Please don't make any porn-y jokes. I just went out and shook my backside to the beat of some questionable music. That's all.)

I did have a relaxing time with my friends by the pool, if by relaxing you mean I laid really still and pretended not to worry about how far my gut was sticking out, how many sunspots I was acquiring, and where my next drink was coming from.

I did make a new friend who I proceeded to give a scandalous nickname -- which will not be repeated here because as is true with most things coming out of Vegas, you really had to be there.

I did meet up with a very old friend. Well, she's not really old so much as my first friend I ever made. Or something like that. The main point being, we're still spring chickens, seriously.

Anyway, what's important here is that I didn't buy that stupid shirt. I just posed stupidly for this stupid picture that I thought my kids would find awesome. But in fact, they didn't recognize the gigantic wax guy. Coolness fail.


Rachel said...

At least you look cute in the picture.

Angenette said...

Yeay for your trip!

laurel said...

Fun trip! Glad you got to go.