Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Abundant Sunshine

Imagine if Abundant Sunshine were the forecast on your birthday? On my youngest son’s birthday the Weather Channel literally used the words, “Abundant Sunshine.” I guess they got the memo.

Since the day we brought Mason home from the hospital – though that was a wet, dismally grey, and cloudy day – our lives have been filled with abundant sunshine. He’s just a bright spot and we all appreciate his warmth.

As a 3-year-old he is filled with splendid wonder. The morning of his birthday he was the last to rise – as is usually the case – and peered down on the rest of the family from his perch. He was grinning from ear to ear and when we all shouted, “Happy Birthday!” he was instantly gobstopped and nearly skipped down the stairs toward us. Then he repeated over and over again, “Is it really my birthday?!?!?!”

In everything we prepared for him that day I was reminded of all the characteristics of Mason that I love the most. We took him to breakfast at our favorite spot and he ordered his usual. He ate with gusto and only pushed away his plate when he’d eaten a tremendous helping of scrambled eggs.

Our race home to prepare his party was filled with darling moments. When he opened the gifts our little family had picked out for him we giggled as he squealed and screamed and acted as if he was having a stroke. Mason lets excitement take over his whole body.

He could hardly wait to don his costume – Indiana Jones. He knew he looked good and he strutted around telling me things like, “I’m so strong,” and “What letter did I turn?” (He meant number.)

This past week it’s become clear that Mason loaded his Mason 3.0 software. He is brilliant. I’m not even kidding. The things he is talking about with us are astounding. You’ll notice in the pictures just one little girl in a clutch of boys. Mason was adamant that she attend and kept telling us she was going to be Indiana Jones’ girlfriend.

Interestingly enough, when I had him to myself in a waiting room just days before the party he picked up a wooden replica (toy) of a chicken drumstick. When I asked him what it was he replied, "Oh, girlfriends hit with this." He is a scream.

Just as the past 3 years have been, I know the next 3… 6… 12… 24… with him will be filled with abundant sunshine.
PHOTO NOTE: Mason's face and seriousness in this present opening picture absolutely sum up his entire attitude. Love. It.

PS -- In case you're wondering if it is a good idea to arm five 3-year-olds with whips, the answer is decidedly NO. Also, chocolate cupcakes with black candy tarantulas may be a liability.


Glenda said...

I have been waiting for the birthday post. Thanks. Yes, he is "abundant sunshine" in all of our lives.

linda said...

"Mason lets excitement take over his whole body."....is just about the best thing ever.

grandma GiGI said...

Such a darling boy! Glad I got to come to his party via the internet.
He is abundant sunshine.

African Kelli said...

LOVE these photos and the costumes! They are so great. What adorable little men.

Rachel said...

Your boys have the best imaginations. Happy Birthday Mason!

Claudia said...

Oh my gosh, is he cute. So handsome in his I.J. hat. Looks like he had a great party!