Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another Zoo Funny

Sometimes you just have to suck it up and stand with the crowds to watch the crazy animal demonstrations. Which is how I found myself trying to keep three top-heavy little kids from flipping over the top railing into the Sea Lion habitat. We survived it and the kids genuinely enjoyed the tricks. Following the show the zoo keeper permitted kids to ask questions. Before I knew it even happened, Cooper's hand shot up and he asked why sea lions can jump so high.

That's not really that important. What's so amazing is how proud he was following the Q&A. He turned around with a gigantic smile and said, "Mom I asked a question!"

As we were walking away Mason asked me, "Where are the harder seals?" He meant Harbor Seals. I hope.


Ryan and Andrea said...

I am DYING, laughing at "harder seals!" 3 kids IS hard to take anywhere-you are brave.

torrent said...

That picture of Mason is the ultimate of fall wonders...grass, leaves, crisp apples, doesn't get any better.

The Martell Family said...

Hey, we recognize those cute kids and guitar shirt (was one of Jack's favorites!). We arrived safely back in Dubai and miss you guys! Oh to see your beautiful kids sitting on lush green grass-only sand here ;( Anyway, we miss you and need to set up a time to skype! XO, The Dubai Martells

Claudia said...

How did I miss this cute post? Looks like Mason is going to have as many witty posts as Cooper...glad the kid-isms will keep coming!