Monday, September 21, 2009

Unexpected Life Lessons

Remember when you sat in Mrs. Grush' algebra class and you could neither understand a blooming thing nor muster the courage to ask for help? Finally resigning yourself to math dumbness and comforting yourself with the adage you'd never use that skill in real life anyway? Oh, was that just me?

Well, there is one skill I learned that I use almost every day, sometimes twice. But I didn't learn it in math class. I learned it from the chubby girl who lived around the block with parents of questionable hygiene. (They might actually have been hoarders.) Can't remember what her name was, but she did teach me the nifty trick of tucking the bottom of your shirt through the top and in so doing creating a Daisy-Dukesque top out of a Holly Hobby t-shirt.

No, I don't use it on myself. Though the thought has crossed my mind. No. I use it on my boys when they are standing at the toilet. Too often those longer shirts hang down into the stream and create a quintessential mess -- as it turns out a $2500 mess. So, I started tucking up their shirts. Works like a charm. Try it. And thank that hapless little hooker-in-training from the hood.

PHOTO NOTE: Cooper helping out with the other bathroom remodel that he caused.

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laurel said...

You are so great! Love this blog post and you will LOVE your remodel.