Monday, September 7, 2009

What We're Reading

I pretend that people care about what I've read and might be interested in reading the same things. Here's what's on the bookshelf around here:

Chicken Butt
What Color Is Your Underwear?
DC Super Friends, Flying High

The Reader
The Count of Monte Cristo (I know, again!)
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
When Madeliene Was Young (I might not finish this one)


Claudia said...

I love to know what other people are reading! Love the titles of the boys' picks.

I must say, I think that Claire and Mason look a lot alike when they're sleeping.

Chance said...

Chicken Butt & What Color Is Your Underwear...ha! That is funny!

You pretend that people care about what you are reading?...after pointing me to Water For Elephants, I'd follow you to any library or bookstore and buy or check out you are getting! Keep your book lists coming, I need to pick my next book! : )

Plumptom said...

I am going to check out What COlor is Your UnderWear. I bet Maylin would love it!