Thursday, April 1, 2010

Name Games

In preparation for our Spring Break trip we reminded our children of fun times they have previously had with their grandparents -- all four sets of them. Our littlest had a perfect recollection of his grandpa calling him Little Squirt.

When he arrived and was greeted with, "How's little squirt?" he was delighted, if shy. Once his timidness wore off he met every Little Squirt with, "Big Squirt!" I managed to catch his pride in this photo -- though it's a bit blurry and under lit.

Life lesson No. 46,793: Having a nick name that suits you and you appreciate is almost as meaningful as giving someone else a fitting nick name. What's yours?


linda rubright said...

Nice one Miss Southern Idaho. :)
ox, linda

Angenette said...

My #1 most common nickname is Cui (KwEE), derived from CuiCui, derived from the way I said "quickly" as a child. I like it lots. Many names have come from it, like CuiCui Monster, Monstruo, Squeeky. I don't like those as much.
Also, my favorite nickname is what my dad calls me, Ella, meaning her. When my little bro was learning to talk, he thought my name was Ella, and my dad picked up on it and still calls me that.

Lisa said...

Maggie is pretty proud of "Maggaroni"

Cooper said...

I'm pretty fond of Maggaroni, too.

Glenda said...

I like GoGo...maybe it is because it reminds me of Go Go boots...but my nickname as a child (given to me by my brother) was DOG...hated that!

T.Tonn said...

I worked hard for "Sugar Fairy" and like it ;)