Monday, April 12, 2010

Something is Holding me Back

We have some serious chores to do around here. Spring cleaning on the order of room by room clearance. But something is holding me back. More than sheer laziness. There's a nagging little voice that is saying, "Don't pull the summer clothes out, it could still snow." There's also another little whisper saying, "We might need those snow boots next weekend." While I was taking pictures of tulips, grape hyacinth, and narcissus this weekend, it was just last week that I was shaking the snow off of them.

It's driving me crazy.

So I have piles of coupons waiting to be thrown away, but not until they expire, of course. About 200 reciepts are hastily bunched up by the shredder -- but not yet disposed of because I'm worried about needing to return a few things. A drop cloth is strewn from the threshold of our remodeled bathroom to the top of the staircase because I need to paint, but I haven't done it quite yet. A stellar stash of party gifts is stacked on my sideboard waiting for a party on Tuesday. The bag of knitting is patiently waiting for me next to my bed, but I can't work on it because I'm at a point in my pattern where I am good and stumped. A week's worth of clean, pressed and beautiful clothes are parsed out at the end of my closet waiting to be packed for a trip to Vegas -- but I don't leave for another two weeks. My stack of to-be-read books is near toppling over and the library just called to say they are holding two more.

Don't even ask me about the sewing room. The producers of Hoarders: Buried Alive are knocking at my door. Help me.


Glenda said...

well, the pictures of the kids sure are cute....they make snow look like fun.

Katlyn said...

Knitting night!!!