Monday, April 12, 2010


Once upon a time I took a picture of my new peach tree. It was full of little peaches waiting to grow and ripen. Good thing I took a picture of it, the following week the damned squirrels took all the peaches. They didn't even leave me one. Don't they know the biblical rule that vegetation wasn’t an acceptable sacrifice?!?!?! Not fair.

Then once upon last weekend I took a picture of my freshest bulbs peeking through the cracks in the sidewalk between the driveway and the front steps. I hope this does not mean I have jinxed them to burial by freak spring snow storm -- please read this and weep with me just a little bit.

Is there anything you need to remind yourself of this spring? For myself, I'm headed to the hardware store for squirrel abatement and some kind of weather predicting stick. They carry those, right?


Glenda said...

At least you have poor bulb flowers are only sticking up about 1 inch and look desolate and forlorn.

Glenda said...

Since when did they call a good pellet gun squire abatement?

laurel said...

I planted blackberry and boysenberry plants on Sat. It snowed since then and hailed. I hope they will be okay. I guess the plants know it is spring and know this is how it least I hope so. I am so with you, when you work so hard to plant something and then it gets taken out in one quick swoop.

By the way....I hope you are excited for me. Since you are my gardening sister, I planted a nectarine tree yesterday!!!!

laurel said...

Also, I was looking through my scrapbook tonight and I found a post from your blog I printed off and put in there year ago. It was so special, I just had to keep it.

It was a post from your blog dated Aug. 11, 2008 called Unnoticed. I loved it. It made me cry. It was about our two boys being quiet heros.

Do you remember? I am so glad we have our boys and I am so grateful to you that you put it in words, that were so beautiful. I am glad these two boys have each other even though they are ages apart. They will be good men. Strong, silent heros!

Thanks for writing it Julia. I love you! I am glad you are my niece.