Friday, April 9, 2010

The Hip Bone

We have some relatively suspect pastimes at our house. Some may label them square, nerdy, even dull as dishwater. But I'm here to argue there is something hip in helping your children identify the tibia and the fibula and the femur. Our boys take pride in their academic prowess, so I don't need to get all gasbag-ish on their behalf. But I will say this, I did discover they were putting puzzles together upside down. That is to say, putting the pieces together while looking at the brown paper back.

Evidently, the boys around here like a challenge. Which brings to mind -- as warm months and summer looms -- what will you do to keep your kids' brains working through the school break? I'd like to take an architectural tour of Chicago. But I know that is out of the question for the under 46" tall set. If they had their beating heart's desire we would be on a plane to LEGO-land. That's a possibility.

PS -- Did you notice Cooper's shirt. That is is absolute favorite shirt. I bought it directly after Halloween for about $1.


Claudia said...

Claire will get her first dose of American and American literary history when we go to Boston in 2 months. We'll have to record everything so when she actually develops long-term memory in all things academic, she will actually be able to learn about all the stuff we will see and do because, let's face it, who knows when we'll be able to afford this trip again when we have to pay for ALL of us to fly?

As to Chi-town, they have AWESOME museums (natural history, science and industry, a huge aquarium, the art institute...) that they might like, so do your architectural tour, and just throw in some museums to keep them entertained. The Sears Tower (or whatever they're calling it these days!) is very cool!

Angenette said...

I'm showing this post to my mom. She laughed at me this past week because I was teaching my girls where the femur and tibia are in their body. She said nobody teaches kids that age bone names. HA!

laurel said...

We went to Lego-land this Debember. The kids (little ones) loved it! I can just see your boys excitement. They would be the poster or ad faces for the park.

That is great that you are teaching them all this wonderful information. How could they not be smart with a mom and dad has smart as theirs!

Alarie said...

Ryan got a job with Disney so we're headed to California... which means free Disneyland passes if you need a trip!