Monday, March 29, 2010

Ahoy Me Sees a Dead Animal

The able bodied sailors and buccaneers in our family donned the Jolly Roger and set about to spending me Doubloons on a pirate's map leading to the profits of sweet trade.

Arrrrr! The young gentlemen o' fortune go'd on the account to points high and far. Avast even to places bilge rats will not venture. And ye may lay to that!

Aye the beauty of the house buried clues and booty along the way until these cabin lads found the motherload. The fearless Cap'n through skill and daring showed his hearties a hearty fine time before demanding they walk the plank.

Shiver me timbers! We smartly found the ultimate prize. Yo-ho-ho!


Connie said...

How cute to do somthing fun like that with the boys. Your mom and dad look great. I'm sure they enjoyed your visit!!

Glenda said...

You made it even sound more fun than it was, and it was very fun.

Claudia said...

Love the pirate speak! Looks like you had fun! That first picture with your dad and Mason is so great.

laurel said...

HOw fun!! Your children have some very excellent grandparents! Kisses to your boys. Maylin says to tell Coop and Mason Hi!

Happy Easter!!!