Thursday, March 18, 2010

Night Walker

Remember how noises of the night freak me out? After I'd put the boys to bed and even fallen asleep myself, I was startled awake by a weird thunk. Something was prowling around in my house!

I grabbed a knitting needle and tip-toed out to the kitchen (the general direction of the noise). I was fully poised to take down the intruder (or at the very least cable knit him) when I found my 3-year-old sacked out on the tile floor. Either he snuck out of bed and played until he dropped to the floor with exhaustion, OR he was sleep walking.


Claudia said...

That is just plain funny.

MZav said...

Pretty sure he is still clutching a lego in his comatose state!-- Or is that Thomas the train?

laurel said...

Darling, Darling! It is probably sleep walking it runs in the fam. Great, I know, one more thing. We love the purse.