Saturday, March 6, 2010

Team Costume

When I tell you I took my kids to a Mother/Son Pirate party at our local rec center, I know you will not be surprised. So let's skip over that melodramatic part about how our family is prone to theatrics and costumes and what not.

The event was mildly fun. By mildly fun I mean that it was a little like going to a birthday party with 100 people. More aptly put, it had the potential to be riotous if I had been in charge. Frankly, next year I just might be. But the most noticeable emotion on my children's faces was they were among peers. Their team, if you will.

And for my part. It was insanely relaxing to be in public and not have the only child in costume. That being said, I was the only mom with a Jack Sparrow and an Indiana Jones. We just wouldn't be us if we weren't standing out, rebelling, or being a stick in the mud. You know.

Who's on your team?

Personally, I'm in favor of the coffee-loving, sewing addicted, learning-to-knit, car-pooling, loves-a-good-massage, incessantly photographing, needlessly blogging bookworms.


Glenda said...

If I would have been in town I would have reprised my Capt. Hook costume and enjoyed it immensely.

Katlyn said...

How's the knitting going? Time for a knitting party yet?

laurel said...

Fab! You are a great mom.