Monday, March 8, 2010

On The Strange Side

Our neighborhood is infested with girls. We've made some very good friends and our boys even like playing with girls -- although they will not admit it. Even if a lollipop is at stake.

I catch them sometimes, however, enjoying the estrogen. And like other pictures I've taken, this one of Mason will be used at a later date to collect on some serious blackmail.

PS -- Those are press-on fingernails with the Disney princesses on them. O.M.G.


chris w said...

I love it. So useful when he's a teenager.

Glenda said...

I love those cheeks....could eat them up.

laurel said...

Nice. I bet this is Steve's favorite picture of his tough boys.

We have never done nails, but Alex was always a fan of a good tutu.

Got the purse. Love it!!!

Rachel said...

That is too funny. Your brother would kick me out of the house if I let Crew do that. Every time Crew has a marker in his hand it goes right to his nails. Silly boys!