Thursday, March 4, 2010

When The Tables Turned

So we've been absent on the blog lately. I know I mentioned sickness has descended on everyone. We're pulling out of it. But one last picture I want to keep is of my little one.

He is a cockroach. I'm telling you, despite being 5 weeks early and spending time in NICU has had no serious health problems. Once he left that hospital he really never looked back.

His brother, on the other hand, has had one thing after another and is on a pretty regular regiment of medications delivered through the nebulizer.

It was a surprise for me, then, when Mason needed to have nebulizer treatments of his own this past week. But, having seen it done by his older brother, Mason found absolutely nothing about it remarkable. He just snapped that mask on and got on with it.

Got me thinking about influences. Our children can do what they see and watch. I figure my kids will be excellent toilet bowl cleaners. It also explains why Cooper tonight asked me to teach him how to sew.


Katlyn said...

Awww I hope Chase wants to learn one day!!!!

Glenda said...

OK I have to confess --I thought I was looking at a picture of Cooper until I read the, those kids are really starting to look alike (especially when they have masks on!)

laurel said...

Poor baby.