Monday, March 15, 2010

By Any Other Name

In a conversation with the boys I tried to explain to Mason that I picked his name. He was trying to tell me that when he was a baby he had another name -- No Sam (more on that later). And I was sticking my ground that I was responsible for his suitable moniker.

Finally I told him, "When you were a baby you had no name at all. You were just a blob of pink flesh, so I named you. And that's that."

When his big brother heard this he abruptly interrupted and in serious consternation gasped and said, "Why didn't you name me General Grievous?!?!?"

Why indeed.

If your child named him or herself, what would the birth certificate say?


Angenette said...

Oh, how I like your kids.

Elena would name herself SUPER ELENA and Princess LeiLei would name herself -- well, probably Princess LeiLei.

As a side note, remind me to tell you how I had no name for a month.

Claudia said...

Oh, how I wish Claire could talk in full sentences and give me an answer to that question! In the meantime, I will love Coop's answer.

Glenda said...

They are both so adorable. What did he think his name was?

Katlyn said...

Well considering that Chase named his stuff animals Sticker, Grape, Great Brown Bear, and Pinkie I'm not very optimistic about what he would name himself.

Kate said...

Ball. The word she says more than any other.