Thursday, June 24, 2010

Horror Balls

In case you are not in the know, there is such a toy as a Horror Ball. And my children love them. For your benefit, let me just say they are plastic toy stress balls with horrible stuff inside. Generally anything from eye balls to worms to rats are floating in a little fake blood then encased in a rubberized ball that is also encased in a rubberized sheath that has "windows" into the horror.

My children favor the rat horror ball. But not for the purpose you may think. Within two seconds of getting the balls home my boys proceeded to cut them open and then clean the rats. Now the rats are a favorite toy. The rats have been renamed Mousie -- all of the rats have the same name -- and are petted, patted, and cuddled like a non-horrifying plush animal.

The games we play with Mousie and his friends the maggots (extracted from the less favored horror ball) include lining up like soldiers, running on the blind cords, and going in the car on adventures. The main adventure I seem to take the rats on is the up-the-vacuum adventure. But don't tell anyone.


Adamo said...

I wonder how they'd feel about real rats.

Glenda said...

Love it! Made me think of the vacuums that scoop up the Prairie Dogs near your house....but since, I have recently had one atrocious HORROR BALL myself; namely, squirrels in the cabin, I am not too keen on rodentia of any kind!