Sunday, February 20, 2011

King of the World

M: What would you do differently if you were king?
Coop: King of what?

M: What would you want to be king of?
Coop: A castle

M: Where would your castle be?
Coop: I don't know.

M: What would it look like?
Coop: Just grey metal, and then some flags.

M: What color flags?
Coop: Any color with little castle pictures.

M: Would you have a queen?
Coop: I don't know. (Makes gross-out face.)

M: Would you have a bishop?
Coop: Yes, I would.

M: What would you do inside your castle?
Coop: I usually... ummm we just sit. Kings just sit down until the other team, the dark team, comes. Okay, I'm all done. Bye mommy.

Interview over.

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Glenda said...

But his Paul Frank T is adorable!