Saturday, February 26, 2011

Patron Saint of Water Fowl

My Mas has a tender heart. The colder it gets outside, the warmer his compassion fires. Passing the frozen golf course pond he cooed, "You know, I wish I could save one of those duckies from the golf course."

As a mother adverse to animal poo, I was reticent to ask how.

But he said, "I would just catch 'em and then ... ummm... wrap 'em up in my bed."

Oh lord, may I survive his charity.


Glenda said...

how can you resist his request

laurel said...

He is so sweet and getting so big. THe other day on our way to school we saw a pond with TONS of police by it. We stopped of course to see what was going on. There were probably 30 ducks whose feet were frozen in the pond and the police were trying to break the ice to free them. We have never seen such a sight. Mason is on the right track. Apparently, ducks can get cold. I never even thought of it before until I saw the trapped ducks in the pond.