Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear LEGO Engineers

Someone at my house is desperate to be featured in the LEGO club magazine. This is like entry no. 7. It's not that his creations are any better or worse than those featured, it's just that well, I suspect thousands and thousands of kids send in pictures each week.

In his desperation he's taken to art directing the photos I take. This is a really good example of what he thinks looks really "cool". (My pictures are "lame".) So anyways, don't hold your breath little man.


Glenda said...

Talk about deja vu...Coop, you could be your Uncle Andrew at that age. I have several pics of Andrew and Legos, doing the same thing....and we tried and tried, and never made it into the magazine...once we even posed him in the flower garden with his creation, hoping that the colorful annuals might boost him chances....Hope so much he gets in.

laurel said...

I remember when Austin wanted to do the same thing. Now, he just vaccums up the Legos he sees....easier than picking them up I guess.