Saturday, April 2, 2011

Merchandising 101

On the day the housekeepers come I try to make myself scarce. So when I return to the house with the boys, Mason -- my 4-year-old -- races up to his room and flops himself on his bed and coos, "Oh mom, I love it."


He likes a neat bed. He regularly sleeps on top of the covers so he doesn't mess up his bed. Very strange child. Recently he sought me out with a special request. "Will you take a picture of me on my bed for my teacher?"

Ummmm... this is a weird request. Right? Just re-examine those last three words. For. My. Teacher.

Anyway, I followed him back to his room where he had painstakingly arranged his stuffed friends. He then climbed to the middle of them, affixed himself into what he deemed a photogenic posture and asked me to take the picture. I'm not kidding. I wish I were, but I'm not.

I took an additional picture so as to remember the care he had administered to one pet in particular. It is tucked into the covers


Connie said...

Mason cracks me up!!!!

The Martell Family said...

He is so caring and sensitive - sweet!

Glenda said...

But Mas has a really, really big heart.

Plumptom said...

What a sweet heart.

laurel said...

Did n't know I was logged in as Austin. Sorry.

Ryan and Andrea said...

That is too funny! Brooklyn sleeps on top of her covers all the time so that she doesn't have to make her bed!! Lazy bums!!