Sunday, April 10, 2011

Farther From the Truth

So, it's that time of year. The time of strangely festooned characters marching in front of retail tax businesses reminding people that April 15 is just around the corner. One such fixture of strip malls in this area is Liberty Tax. They have paid young men to dress as the colossal neoclassical sculpture given to us by France.

When Mason saw this for the first time he shouted, "Hey mom, It's the Statue of Libya!"

Oh boy. Libya: the war-torn pustule of North Africa. Not a lot of liberty there. I found myself defining liberty to my 4-year-old. And explaining why Libya was not at liberty. And found that I was just as confused as my 4-year-old. If only the ways of the world were as simple as a gawky teenager dressed as a huge woman earning $80 a day to entice drivers to visit the road-side accountant before April 15.

Also, don't forget my birthday.


Jill said...

The last line of your post made me laugh outloud. I liked all of it-but especially that last line. :)
Is your birthday on tax day? If so-I probably won't ever forget it. Again.

Glenda said...

Funny...funny....And....I wouldn't think of forgetting your special day!

laurel said...

We saw a guy with a full black beard and long black hair dressed as the statue of Liberty. Maylin asked my there was a onkey in the costume. Funny.

Again, have a great day!!! I am glad this year, tax day is officially the 18th. I think that makes your b-day tons better.