Sunday, May 1, 2011

1 Stick + 1 Rock = 1 happy happy happy BOY, III

Apparently there are families that are all organized and stuff. And they do cool things like take pictures of their children at regular intervals in front of the same landmark so as to see how much the child has changed and grown.

I am not organized.

I don't do cool stuff. Except sometimes by accident.

My in-laws have a clutch of perfectly gnarled scrub oak in their front yard. And my boys are drawn to that scrub oak like moths to flame. (I haven't actually ever seen a moth fly toward a flame, but whatev.)

Anyway, what I'm telling you is that I have pictures of my boys in relatively the same place at regularly spaced intervals and I've noticed they are growing and changing. Man, it works! Those organized people are onto something.

Scrub Oaks in review:

The first time (Cooper, 2 years and 7 months)
The second time (Mason, 2 years and 8 months)

The third time (6 going on 16)

Stay tuned!


ejnelson said...

When a boy climbs...they're happy!
such handsome kids!

laurel said...

Cool. Trees and boys are a great mix.