Monday, May 23, 2011

Surely You're Joking

If you were a fly trapped in my car, you might hear something like this...

Mason: What did the green house say to the yellow house?

Me: What?

Mason: No. Say, I don't know if you don't know.

Me: I don't know.

Mason: They didn't say anything, they were not the same house. Anyways, how did the red light talk to the yellow light?

Me: How?

Mason: Mom, say, I don't know, because this is a joke.

Me: Oh right. Did the lights say, let's make orange?

Mason: Yes! You got it right, actually. Why didn't the green light say hello to the stop sign?

Me: Because they are not the same.

Mason: No! Because they are on different streets. But listen: What did the pink flower say to the yellow flower?

Me: I just don't know.

Mason: They don't talk, they are flowers. But also what did the stop sign say to the other stop sign?

Me: Are you a circle?

Mason: Yes! But he was a triangle, and that's just crazy. Why didn't the red light say hello to the green light.

Me: I don't know.

Mason: Because they weren't the same color.

Me: Didn't you just do that one?

Mason: Of course not. Why didn't the green light say help to the house? I mean why couldn't the green light say hello to the red light?

Me: I don't know.

Mason: Because the green light was just a little too high.

Me: That's a good one.

Mason: How about three more, mommy.

Me: Just three? OK

Mason: Why didn't the sun say hello to the light?

Me: Because the sun is light?

Mason: It is?

Me: Why not?

Mason: I don't know. Mommy, I really want to play angry birds, please. What's taking so long? Did you know drops can also make a big waste? Mom, did you know that grrrrrrrrrr is like 3 miles away?

Me: What do you mean?

Mason: When Cooper like counts to like 5, then it is 5 miles away.

Me: Like in a thunderstorm? Who told you that?

Mason: Dad, I think. Why did the guitar climb the steps?

Me: To hit the high notes?

Mason: No! Of course to get to heaven.

* Humor note: you may have found this terribly boring and not funny. Just imagine being 4 and listening to grown-ups.


Ryan and Andrea said...

I so appreciate this! Actually, that is the reason I have Patti make us cd's with 80's songs. My son actually knows the words to "Sweet Dreams are made of these" & "Sweet Caroline, da, da, da!" Yes, major nerd, but it beats all the knock knock jokes they come up with!

Adamo said...

Playing a little Stairway? Get the Led out early.

laurel said...

When you are in the car you don't need the have built in entertainment.