Friday, July 24, 2009

It's A Good Idea

When you're so cheesed off you could punch out someone's I-teeth, it's a good idea to spend some time in the garden. The garden heals in ways cleaning a toilet never does. A garden is brimming with needs that I can meet. Hard work goes a long way and there is always fruit from the labor.

Today I rinsed away my anger by adding a spirea to a spotty hedge, moving a sage and replacing it with day lilies, increasing the rose bush count, settling two new rudbeckias in front of the pear tree, and closing the gap the bunnies have left with some whirling butterflies.

The names of plants alone take my mind off my worries and to a fantastical world of nymphs, fairies, and miniature worlds with bug and rodent residents. Every heap of Earth I move with my shovel brings me closer to one of my grandmas. She was a farm girl, and I think somewhere in my city-fied self there is dirt in my clogs and sprouts in my heart.

When I sweat in my garden I never feel dirty. And when I cry in my garden, absolutely no one knows.


grandma GiGI said...

I'm so glad gardening brings out such beautiful thoughts in your mind. All I get when I"m trying to get something done is an aching back! Good for you!

Angenette said...

I always wondered why people like gardening.
Thanks, this is lovely.

Katlyn said...

I hope you don't cry in your garden too often..,

African Kelli said...

I cried in my garden today! I feel better. I hope you do too.

T.Tonn said...

Garden cries are healing. Peace, sweet lady. :)