Saturday, July 25, 2009

So Awesome

"Is this so awesome?!?!?!"

Ummm, just for the record, I don't talk like that. My sassy 2-year-old does! What else from the the mouth of Mason can I report?

"I need to check that out." (When faced with the bad news that we were out of fruit snacks.)

"Just wait three minutes!" (Exasperatingly staving off Cooper until his turn was up.)

"My shoulder really hurts." (He has sympathy pains.)

"This leg is broken." (When ever he wants me to pick him up.)

"Tooper doesn't belong here." (Expressing his aggravation toward the older sibling.)

"That baby is following me." (Pointing to the other 2-year-old we invited over for a playdate.)

We've also noticed a persistent speech thing with him. Every hard C or K is pronounced as a T. So scar becomes star. Pickle is Pittle. Curious is Tour-e-russ. Cooper is Tooper. Can't is Tan't. You get the picture. Very, very funny.

PHOTO NOTE: First he wouldn't wear his goggles during lessons. But since earning his first ribbon, won't. take. them. off.


Claudia said...

I guess funny runs in the family! Can't wait to hear updates of Mason-isms to go along with Cooper-isms!

grandma GiGI said...

So cute! What would I do without this family blog? It's one way I can get to know my darling G-grandkids.